It got clearer: my Face brush review

My first beauty post!

I am so late in the game but after thorough readings of reviews for face brushes, I finally got myself one: the Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus .

Now why this one?

  • The price: I was not ready to buy the expensive Clarisonic…simple as that. The Silk’n Sonic was 40 euros on sale and that was just a bargain!
  • The Pulse function: Ok I’m 32 so I wanted a cleaning brush, yes, but I also wanted a kind of “massaging/anti-wrinkles” effect. The pulsating mode is really nice on the skin, pretty gentle, and supposably good for the micro-circulation?

My first impression:

I really like adding the brush to my night routine.
First, I use my Micellaire water La Roche Posay for sensitive skin.
Then, in the shower, I use my brush with my regular soap (I have been using Neutrogena products religiously since I was 11). My skin feels very soft, and I like the feeling that it is super clean.

And I added a Ducray cream for very dry skin, and it has made a big difference. I think I wasn’t using the right creams at night (or most often, no creams at all) and my skin was dehydrated. Now, it feels all dewy and soft and I love that.

I have been particularly cautious with my skin since I had my son because I noticed it had changed, it was thinner and dryer. I guess because I turned 30 as well, so I am trying to take care of it extra carefully and make the best of what is mine! 😉

xx Alex

*This post isn’t sponsored


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