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The lonely life of an aspiring blogger

So…life, months, it has been a loooonnng while since I came up on this blog…

I have to admit I don’t know much about blogging…or if anybody is reading me somewhere…

I am still in the process of building our new home and planning our upcoming wedding (2 months until the big day). Life is good, though I must say winter feels a little too long now and I long for longer, warmer days. As some says: “Spring is coming” (or is it not?) 😉

Let alone the building-a-house part and let’s focus on the wedding part for a second.
Planning a wedding is all that you say: exciting, stressful, fun, sometimes complicated…but all in all, I don’t fret too much. I know our friends are great, and just because ef them, the atmosphere will be warm, fun and easy, and the rest will flow.

What I really discovered these past few months, is that planning your wedding is also about planning the marriage afterwards. And that can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Especially scary when I am going to my wedding at the same time as my best friend is facing the dissolution of her 10-year marriage.
How does one make a marriage work? How can I ever be sure that I won’t face difficulties and pain someday in the future? I know the answer is you can’t know, and we’ll have to deal with it with love.

As we are having a religious wedding, we had a few reunions to follow along with other couples, and though I didn’t much know what to expect, I found them pretty interesting. It was nice to confront your relationship and its little struggles to other couples’s. It was nice to see that you sometimes face the same questions.
I realized in a way that a relationship is sometimes a group effort and that it is good to let people in.

It was also nice because it is sometimes easy to forget to say things in our busy lives, like “I appreciate you for that or that”. And I think it is important to keep that kind of appreciation, a special time when all that matters is him and you. No kids allowed. 😉

I have faith in my relationship. I am not having “pre-wedding cold feet”. I can’t wait to marry Thomas! But I do believe that a succesful marriage takes work and efforts. And I would be interested to know about you guys.

Anyone? xxxfood-couple-sweet-married.jpg


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