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Long time no see

A couple of months, a computer breakdown and many new projects later, I am back on the blog…

Soooooooo a few things happened…the main one being that…I AM ENGAGED! Thomas proposed in April, we were on a mini getaway in the Loire Valley after being at a friends’ wedding. Funny thing is that at the wedding, for the first time in my life, I caught the Bouquet (!) and like any girl would do, I teased Thomas about how we now had to get married (all the while he laughed inside because he had the ring in his bag)
So yeah, efficient “bouquet-catching”, I definitely recommend 😉

I am now planning a wedding for April 2018, and I will let you know about it (or whoever is reading this 😉 ) I have always been the girl saying “nah we don’t need a year to plan a wedding, we will be so simple, blah blah blah…” but I now realize a year is not too much when you have a life, a job, a 4-year-old kid…

…And a “new home” project! Yeah because apparently, a wedding wasn’t enough…A few weeks after the engagement, we were having dinner with a couple of friends who are buying a house and they told us how the house next door was so nice and still available…we went with them, just out of curiosity…Then we started thinking about it and talking about it more and more, how interesting it was, in terms of location, price, everything… though we hadn’t planned to buy right now. I asked my friend if she would be ok with us looking into it a bit more, she said yes…and things lead to others, we are now buying the house. CRAZY!

After stressing out severely for a few weeks, I can now say that I’m thrilled and so into the process of choosing the floors, bathrooms, decoration, etc…The house will be finished in December!

So the summer break is coming for the teacher I am, and I have a feeling it’s gonna be a busy one!!
Let me know if you are in the same process, wedding or home, and give me some advice!!


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