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Kayaking and friends

This week end was a very nice one…for one obvious reason: It is Spring! Finally!!

I love the area I live in…but I am really a spring/summer kind of girl! Skiing is good, a few times, but I hate the cold (and this winter was absolutely freeeeeezing!) What I love most is spending my days by the lake, enjoying everything from the beach to canyoning, and then having drinks and a nice BBQ with friends…

This week end, Thomas and I decided to take the kayak out! we were totally alone, the lake was very calm, it was perfect and after we toured a bit, we ended up taking a small nap in the middle of the lake. It was so peaceful and so quiet…

The rest of the week end was pretty cool too, seeing friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. With 6 adults and 4 kids in our little home, we definitely realize how much our lives have changed in a few years…I like our late twenties-early thirties, I think it’s an exciting time and I love how our conversations have evolved, our projects…So much to remember together and so much to come! It always makes for great times and great laughs 😉

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