Non classé

Blank page syndrome

Soooooo…I am in…I’m starting a blog…Can anyone let me know how to do this thing?

I am an eager reader of lifestyle blogs. Among those I like, I regularly read Garance Doré who I’ve been following for 7 years now. I like how she’s always trying to improve herself and her vision on life. She’s very candid and not at all know-it-all. I recently discovered Amber Fillerup Clark and I love the esthetic and the tone of her blog. I love that she’s a mom, and that I can somehow identify a bit to her life.
I think that is what I am looking for when reading a blog. Whenever it becomes too “high luxury” or glossy, I lose interest. I like reading about other women’s questions about life, and seeing all that we have in common…

That’s why I am starting this blog. Not because I think I have anything to teach people, but because I want to share, make a few friends maybe, or simply talk… It is a bit unnerving: starting a blog is like sending an echo out there and waiting to see if anyone responds…

Maybe I should start by introducing me? Let’s do the 5 things post 😉

1 – I am a mommy to a 4 and a half years old boy. He makes me happy, he makes me whole, he sometimes makes me crazy, and he sure makes my life interesting!

2 – I turned my life around 3 years ago. I was deeply unhappy, I felt lonely and in a dead end…I broke up, changed jobs entirely, met the love of my life (couldn’t believe my luck). We are now one very happy “modern family” 🙂

3 – …and I am a teacher. Which was kind of unexpected since I took the other turn when all of my English-major friends went into teaching. I wanted to work in tourism. I loved travelling and I wanted to “dream ” a little…I ended up being bored a lot in front of a computer for a few years, changing of companies regularly. When I broke up, I decided I needed a job to be able to care for my son and spend time with him…and I became a teacher. I found my place, finally. I like my job, and I am not bored at all 😉 I’ve come to think that some things are meant to happen…

4 – Random info…I love reading…I am a big fan of Harry Potter…and Jane Austen…I know, random…I also love binging on TV shows, my latest favorite being Downton Abbey? Or any new one on Netflix…

5 – Again, I love LOVE looooove travelling, and we are trying to move as often as possible…Last trip was Bali a few weeks ago. I lived in Canada for a few (Vancouver is the BEST!), moved around…I am always thinking about the next trip, mini-getaway or anything…

Alright, here I am then, Nice to meet you!



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